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Autoresponder Disclaimers – FYI – No One Reads Them

In case you were wondering… no one reads the disclaimers below your opt-in forms (except maybe the FTC). So feel free to put whatever you want, like we did.

FINE PRINT: Don’t be an idiot, either… this does not constitute legal advice regarding your opt-in forms, autoresponder usage, or any other aspect of your internet marketing business. Seek professional help – a psychiatrist if you think anything on this site is serious advice – and some legal counsel to give you some real business advice. Because this ain’t it.

If you’ve seen some funny disclaimers, send us a screenshot. We’d love to share it.

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Your Squeeze Page – Do You Love It?

Funny marketing love shirts from DotComHumor.comAre you gearing up to go to an internet marketing conference? Or, do you need a gift for someone who knows internet marketing?

Well, these funny “I Love My…” t-shirts from would be perfect.

Think about it. You’re heading off to a high-priced conference to see hour-long presentations from each of your favorite internet marketing gurus, but… in reality… you already have hours and hours and hours of their content in the courses you’ve taken from them, right?

Well, you and I both know that’s not why you’re going to the conference… it’s more about the contacts than the content. It’s about meeting people. Well, do you think you’ll meet more people with a funny internet marketing t-shirt or more without one? Then what are you waiting for (this is my call to action for you newbies out there)… Go get one now.

==> But, I Really Do Love My Squeeze Page <==

Other things you could do:

  • Hand a couple out at the next conference with your business card
  • Give a gift to your highest performing affiliates
  • Send one to your favorite guru as a thank you
  • Wear it yourself & more people will ask you about your business
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