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Ryan Deiss Caption Ideas

Most of you know about Ryan Deiss’ Perpetual Traffic launch. He’s given away some awesome freebies… his Perpetual Traffic Report and Cherry Picker software for choosing a niche to dominate. (FYI… those are my affiliate links… check the comments for others’ affiliate links & bonuses… I also put some non-affiliate links below just in case you’re a complete loser)

In one of Ryan’s recent emails, he sent this picture (I just added the Fuzzy Deiss).

Post your funny caption ideas in the comments below.

Get the Perpetual Traffic Report from Ryan Deiss

Again, if you have caption ideas, put them in the comments below. (And if you have an awesome bonus you’re giving away with your affiliate link to Perpetual Traffic, put a link in the comments & tell us about it)

Even if you’re not intending to get the Perpetual Traffic program, you should read the Perpetual Traffic Report & try out the Cherry Picker software. Here are some non-affiliate links (I don’t need your commission, but you need this info… get it. Ryan’s stuff is always awesome.):

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Funny (and Useful) Browser Toolbar for Internet Marketers

Check out the DotCom Humor toolbar… kinda weird because it’s helpful and it’s fun.

You can:

  • Get to guru blogs
  • Access your social media accounts
  • Search AllTop & Google
  • Convert files
  • Keep up with the internet marketing humor from

… all from your browser’s toolbar. Check it out:

toolbar powered by Conduit

To make a toolbar for your own business or niche go to or click on our SUBTLE AFFILIATE LINK (I know it’s horribly unscrupulous, but I might earn some commission for your free download if you click on that link).

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