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Kajabi and the Dark Side of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has a Dark Side. And that Dark Side is pulling us away from what is really important… in business… and in life.

Enter Kajabi. Check it out. (And pay no attention to the embedded Jeff Walker and Frank Kern spoofs, or the flattering picture of Andy Jenkins)

When you obey my Jedi mind-tricks and actually go to you will be exposed to perhaps the greatest internet marketing tool since Traffic Geyser. You may also earn me a commission, as that is my affiliate link. If you do not want to use my affiliate link, no problem, Greedo… you can go there directly at

Kajabi is the marketing platform you’re looking for.

Jeff’s prune shirt in the video came from the medical humor store by Check out the DotComHumor internet marketing humor store.

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Show Her Your Kajabi – It’s A Marketing Game-Changer

Kajabi Internet Marketing Game-Changer by Andy Jenkins

OK… OK… You’re looking for that game-changer. That thing that swings it all in your direction.

Well it’s here. And it’s called Kajabi.

No, it’s not something you smoke. (Unfortunately)

But it is something that will help you smoke your competition.

It’s going to change the way EVERYONE markets online very soon. And if you don’t go watch this right now, it’s obvious you’re the one that’s smoking something. Go to: There’s a video there (no opt-in), but straight-up… it’s DA BOMB DOT COM.

Check it out. You can’t even buy anything there yet. (But if you do a couple days from now, I could earn a commission.)

I’ve been a user of Kajabi the past 6 months or so – I won an iPad in John Reese’s Outsource Force & I’m in the middle of Don Crowther’s Social Profit Formula. Both awesome courses, both made immensely more awesome via Kajabi.

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Internet Marketing Dreams Can Take A Toll On Your Relationships

Are your internet marketing hopes and dreams taking a toll on your relationships?

Maybe you’re a big time action taker and are up at night getting real work done on your business. Or maybe you’re locked in the IM OCD Loop going from email… to stats… to blogs and forums… and back to email again. In either case, your relationships could take a hit.

If you reach a point where someone you care about intervenes, make sure you respond appropriately.

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Funny Internet Marketing Spoof – Gabe and Max’s Internet Thing

Infomercial spoof and internet marketing jokes advertising “Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing”. This funny video has the feel of one of those cheesy, late night, low budget infomercials on your local TV channel. Check it out.

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