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Kajabi and the Dark Side of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has a Dark Side. And that Dark Side is pulling us away from what is really important… in business… and in life.

Enter Kajabi. Check it out. (And pay no attention to the embedded Jeff Walker and Frank Kern spoofs, or the flattering picture of Andy Jenkins)

When you obey my Jedi mind-tricks and actually go to you will be exposed to perhaps the greatest internet marketing tool since Traffic Geyser. You may also earn me a commission, as that is my affiliate link. If you do not want to use my affiliate link, no problem, Greedo… you can go there directly at

Kajabi is the marketing platform you’re looking for.

Jeff’s prune shirt in the video came from the medical humor store by Check out the DotComHumor internet marketing humor store.

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Affiliate Marketers Gone Wild – Jeff Walker Exposed? (yikes)

OK… I’m on a lot of lists, so I expect to get lots of emails when the best gurus in the business launch internet marketing products. OK, fine. No big deal.

And I have some weird mathematical formula in my head that tells me which list I’ll honor with my affiliate commission.

But then someone always comes along and does the “exposure” thing. Well, I’m not into the “exposure” thing too much. You see I’m a very visual guy and when I see an email like this… well… let me stop there. Jeff Walker exposed? Uh… no thanks

PLF 3.0 Launch - Jeff Walker Jokes

By the way, you know what they say about internet marketers with big feet, right? Big launches.

And internet marketers with little feet? Well… they just talk about big launches.

By the way… check out the Fake Server Crashes t-shirts:

Get your DotCom Humor T-Shirt - Fake Server Crashes

And be very, very careful… I might earn some money when you click through that link and purchase a funny internet marketing humor t-shirt.

On a serious note… go get Product Launch Formula… it’s awesome (At least PLF 2.0-2.9 were awesome. I’m sure PLF 3 will be even sweeter). Here are some useful links:

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